Hunting methods in Namibia (Africa)

Hunting methods in Namibia:
An overview of the three most common hunting methods

Hunting in Namibia is an incredible opportunity to experience nature at its best. Hunting in Namibia can be done in three ways: with a bow, “walk & stalk” and at a hide. Each hunting method has its own advantages and disadvantages, which can be influenced by your hunting intentions and the animal you are tracking.

All three hunting methods offer a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with nature, experience the beauty and majesty of the African landscape, and surrender to the moment. Here you will find an overview of the three most common hunting methods in Namibia:


The most common type of hunting is "walk & stalk"

Walk & stalk through the African bush

Stalking is the most common type of hunting in Namibia. It involves stalking on foot and following the game. Those who sneak up on the game must move quietly and against the direction of the wind. This type of hunting requires a high level of concentration, nerves, endurance and experience.

Spot & stalk

Spot & stalk in unknown terrain

With the Walk & Stalk method, you stalk through the bush without the pressure of hunting a specific game species. This makes stalking an unpredictable and exciting challenge, as you don’t know which animal you’re targeting until you’re close. This creates intense and special moments to experience nature.


Blind hunting in a hide

Patience while sitting in a camouflaged hide in Namibia

Blind hunting is also a frequently used type of hunting in Namibia. A hide (a camouflaged shelter) is set up and the hunter waits for the game to come within range. Unlike in other countries, the hide is often not a raised hide, but a ground hiding shelter made of bushes, leaves and other natural elements from the environment.

The hunting guide determines the optimal distance of the hide to the place where the game can be hunted. Based on the species to be hunted, the hide is set up either at a waterhole or near a “bait”. The latter is used for hide hunting of predatory game, such as hyenas or leopards.

This method requires a lot of patience, because the animals are very attentive and do not approach the hide if they perceive something unusual.


A traditional way of hunting modern developed: Bow hunting

Hunting with bow and arrow in Namibia

Bow hunting is another common type of hunting in Namibia. It has its roots in the tradition of the bushmen.

Bowhunting in its modern form was only legalized in 1997 and is therefore a relatively recent development.

Bowhunting requires the highest level of hunting skill and ethical behavior. It is a challenging and exciting way to hunt that requires great concentration, nerve, endurance and experience. But it also has its ethical aspects and technical challenges.

In Namibia, it is illegal to hunt the following game species with a bow:

  • elephant
  • hippopotamus
  • crocodile
  • buffalo
  • lion
  • leopard

Bow hunting is therefore only suitable for hunting plains game, such as kudu, zebra, oryx, hartebeest…


This hunting guide will help you make the right decision for your hunting trip. Need more information?