African Hunting Farms

Selected hunting farms in Namibia at a glance
Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu TheEcoHunter With so many websites on the internet, it is not easy to find a good hunting farm. TheEcoHunter presents an overview of selected Namibian hunting farms. All farms listed on our website meet the following requirements:
Unfenced hunting farms (free range, without game fences)
Free roaming game
Only game species indigenous to the region/hunting area
English hunting guides
Transparent prices at no extra costs
Sustainable hunting practices
excellent personal hospitality

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Region Khomas

Khomas hunting farm #1

✓ perfect for up to 4 hunting friends or couples
✓ elegant chalets with wide panoramic views
✓ varied & wildlife rich habitat for stalking
✓ horseback safaris through the African bush

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Region Khomas

Khomas hunting farm #2

✓ perfect for families & small groups
✓ exciting terrain for stalking in the Khomas highlands
✓ variety of activities (e.g. horseback safari & pool)
✓ cozy farmhouse style and highly praised cuisine

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Region Khomas

Khomas hunting farm #3

✓ perfect for two hunters
✓ hunting experience in the fascinating Kalahari foothills with vast savannah areas in the midst of rolling hill ranges
✓ rustic farmhouse style or adventure wildcamping possible

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the eco hunter jagdfarm klein erongo sonnenuntergang damm schoener ausblick berge
Region Erongo

Erongo hunting farm #4

✓ perfect for small groups & families
✓ outstanding cuisine made from ingredients harvested on site
✓ comfortable farmhouse style with pool
✓ great biodiversity in open savannah areas and rugged mountains

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Region Erongo

Erongo hunting farm #5

✓ perfect for a maximum of two adventurers who love the rustic & traditional hunt
✓ natural hunting areas (without cattle/farm operations)
✓ accommodation in safari tents
✓ hunting moments in unique nature that leave a lasting impression

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Region Khomas

Khomas hunting farm #6

✓ perfect for a maximum of two hunters incl. accompanying persons or families
✓ special combination possibility of hunting on the farm area AND exclusive concession areas
✓ accommodation in apartments or fully equipped safari tents

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Kudu auf offener läche auf Jagdfarm in Otjozondjupa in Namibia
Region Otjozondjupa

Otjozondjupa hunting farm #7

✓ Perfect for 4 hunting companions or two couples
✓ Picturesque habitat for large, free-ranging herds of eland as well as kudu, oryx, and warthogs
✓ Exclusive and cozy atmosphere with a swimming pool
✓ Horseback safari through the bush

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Step by Step:
How to choose the right hunting farm in Namibia for you

With its diverse landscapes and abundance of wildlife, Namibia is an ideal destination for your next hunting trip. You also don’t have to worry about a language barrier in Namibia, because there are English speaking hunting farms.

If you want to go hunting in Namibia, it is important to choose the right farm for you. This guide will help you to decide.

Step 1: First, look for a hunting farm that offers the type of game you are interested in
The indigenous game on the hunting farm

If you are planning a hunting trip to Namibia, it is important that you check beforehand:


  • where the game species is indigenous that you plan to hunt
  • whether the population there is stable.

Caution. Many hunting farms offer game species that are not originally indigenous to a specific region. This means that they have either bought the game and/or practice fenced hunting, which does not indicate sustainably oriented hunting.

On the page “Game species” you will find an overview of the distribution area of the animals. If you find a hunting farm on the internet, you should make sure if the game species is really indigenous before you book.

Step 2: The location of the hunting farm results from the game that is indigenous to it
The location of the hunting farm

After you know where the game you want to hunt is indigenous to that ares, its range will determine the possible regions and landscapes in which you can hunt.

Plains game, such as kudus, oryx and springbok are indigenous to most of the country. Namibia’s landscapes are very diverse, so depending on your interests you can choose to hunt in desert-like expanses or hilly landscapes, for example.

If you want to hunt big game, for example, only northern Namibia comes into question.

Typically, hunting is done either on private farms or in concession areas.

Step 3: Looking for an English speaking hunting farm in Namibia?
What language should your hunting guide speak?

English is the official language in Namibia. It is widely spoken and you don’t have to worry about communication problems. The hunting guides will accompany you in English. German and Afrikaans are also often spoken on the farms. Afrikaans is a language that is very similar to Dutch.

Step 4: What are your requirements for the equipment of the hunting lodge?
Hunting farm equipment, for example, do you need a pool?

Accommodation will become part of your experience in Namibia.

There is the option of accommodation in rustic, remote safari tents in the middle of the bush, as well as cozy guest rooms in the farmhouse. There are also upscale hunting lodges with all the amenities, such as swimming pool, views, as well as modern facilities. The facilities of the accommodations can be very different, depending on what you are looking for and what your budget is.

Step 5: What activities would you like to do on the farm besides hunting?
Activities of the hunting farm

On many farms there are activities that can be booked in addition to hunting or are already included in the price. These include using the amenities of the farm, such as


  • relaxing at the swimming pool
  • soaking up the sun
  • horseback safaris
  • night drives
  • safari drives
  • hikes
  • wild camping under the stars

…are often possible. With us we get the wishes of you and your travel partners realized!


Especially appreciated by the guests is also that they get an insight into the typical everyday life of a farm. Besides hunting, cattle or horses are sometimes bred on the farms, which are between several thousand hectares in size. These are kept in certain areas of the farm by a cattle-proof fence.

Step 6: Check offers and prices of the hunting farm
Services of the hunting farm

The daily rate should usually include everything, i.e.

  • accommodation
  • food and drinks
  • transportation to and from the airport
  • hunting guide

Accompanying persons pay less. A detailed overview of how much a hunt in Namibia costs can be found on the page “Costs of a hunting trip”.

You can look forward to the Namibian delicacies. On a hunting trip to Namibia you will usually be fully catered for and enjoy the game specialties of the country.

Step 7: The beautiful country in southern Africa is not only suitable for a hunting trip but also as a vacation destination for family, friends or with your partner
Trip with family, friends or partner to the hunting farm

Everyone is guaranteed to get their money’s worth in Namibia. If you are going with someone, find out in advance what alternative activities the hunting farm offers non-hunting companions while you are hunting.

Step 8: Consider a round trip, i.e. a vacation with hunting opportunity
Round trip & safari after your hunting trip

Namibia is a huge country with a great variety of breathtaking, untouched landscapes, cultures and a fascinating wildlife. Therefore, after your hunting trip, you should consider driving on and exploring Namibia as a vacation destination. Whether as a camping self-drive or a nice lodge vacation with hunting opportunity – you will find it here!

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