Best places to hunt in Namibia (Africa)

Where to hunt in Namibia - different regions & best hunting farms

There are many different hunting areas in Namibia. Each offers a unique experience and is home to different game species and spectacular landscapes. Each of these regions has something different to offer the hunter. From the Khomas Highlands with its diverse landscape and abundance of game to the lush green Caprivi Strip, Namibia has a wide range of hunting opportunities. These are the typical hunting areas:

the eco hunter Regionen in Namibia Map Karte mit Jagdgebieten

The green north with the Big 5

Hunting in the Caprivi strip - the North-East of Namibia (Kavango/Sambesi)


The Caprivi Strip is a narrow piece of land extending east from Namibia into Botswana. The landscape is very different from the rest of Namibia. In the Caprivi there are flooded forests and savannah areas with a great variety of wildlife such as hippos, leopards and buffalos. Several well-known rivers, such as the Okavango and the Kwando, as well as the adjacent Zambezi, flow through the region, making it a popular place not only for hunters, but also for anglers. The Caprivi hunting area is typical for big game hunting. The climate is tropical and heavy seasonal rains can occur.


Hunting area Kunene - the North-West of Namibia

Rugged magic in the north of Namibia

The Kunene region is located in the northwest of Namibia and covers a vast area stretching from the South Atlantic Skeleton Coast to the Kunene Delta and the border with Angola, as well as – along the Namib Desert right on the coast – large parts of Kaokoland and Damaraland. The Giraffe Mountains, Hartmann Mountains, Joubert Mountains, Onjuwa Plain, Otjihipa Mountains and Steep Rand Mountains all lie within the Kunene. The region is home to antelope, zebra and warthog, but is also home to the rare desert elephant and lion. The climate is temperate and temperatures range from cool in winter to hot in summer.

Waterberg, Otjiwarongo & Okahandja

Hunting area Otjozondjupa


The Waterberg in the heart of the Otjozondjupa region is a large Waterberg plateau at an altitude of about 2000 meters. On its slopes and in its valleys there are many different landscapes: from red sandstone formations and savannahs to forests and mountain streams. The Waterberg plateau itself is a large massif that rises abruptly from the surrounding plains. Water sources and surface water can be found there. Around the Waterberg, farms have joined together to form the Waterberg Conservancy. The neighboring districts of Okahandja and Otjiwarongo are also home to large numbers of game including kudu, eland, oryx, hartebeest & warthog.


Hunting area Khomas Hochland

Hunting area near Windhoek

The Khomas Highlands is a beautiful region in the heart of Namibia. The rolling hills and pristine bushveld provide the perfect backdrop for a day of hunting. The area is a short drive from the capital city of Windhoek, making it easily accessible. The region is home to a variety of animals including antelope, zebra and warthog. The climate is temperate and temperatures range from cool in winter to hot in summer.

Selected hunting farms in the Khomas region

Region Khomas

Khomas hunting farm #1

✓ perfect for up to 4 hunting friends or couples
✓ elegant chalets with wide panoramic views
✓ varied & wildlife rich habitat for stalking
✓ horseback safaris through the African bush

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Region Khomas

Khomas hunting farm #2

✓ perfect for families & small groups
✓ exciting terrain for stalking in the Khomas highlands
✓ variety of activities (e.g. horseback safari & pool)
✓ cozy farmhouse style and highly praised cuisine

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Region Khomas

Khomas hunting farm #3

✓ perfect for two hunters
✓ hunting experience in the fascinating Kalahari foothills with vast savannah areas in the midst of rolling hill ranges
✓ rustic farmhouse style or adventure wildcamping possible

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Region Khomas

Khomas hunting farm #6

✓ perfect for a maximum of two hunters incl. accompanying persons or families
✓ special combination possibility of hunting on the farm area AND exclusive concession areas
✓ accommodation in apartments or fully equipped safari tents

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Hunting area Erongo (Damaraland)

Damaraland is located in the northwest of Namibia and stretches through both the Erongo region and the Kunen region. The remote, lonely landscape of Damaraland is rugged and impressively beautiful. The predominantly communal farmland is known for its rocky foothills and vast, red-gold deserts. The region is famous for its rugged beauty and its free-roaming desert elephants, lions and black rhinos (none of them for hunting!).


The climate is hot and dry, making it a challenge for hunters. Despite the harsh conditions, Damaraland is home to a variety of game species, including oryx, kudu and springbok. The region is hot and dry, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius in summer. Winters are cold and temperatures often drop below zero.


Selected hunting farms in the Erongo region

the eco hunter jagdfarm klein erongo sonnenuntergang damm schoener ausblick berge
Region Erongo

Erongo hunting farm #4

✓ perfect for small groups & families
✓ outstanding cuisine made from ingredients harvested on site
✓ comfortable farmhouse style with pool
✓ great biodiversity in open savannah areas and rugged mountains

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Region Erongo

Erongo hunting farm #5

✓ perfect for a maximum of two adventurers who love the rustic & traditional hunt
✓ natural hunting areas (without cattle/farm operations)
✓ accommodation in safari tents
✓ hunting moments in unique nature that leave a lasting impression

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Hunting area Omaheke

The red Kalahari, savannahs and dense bush

Omaheke is located in the central east of the country and belongs to a landscape area of the Kalahari. The flat landscape consists mainly of dense savannah and bush areas, the so-called Kalahari Sandveld (a semi-desert area) and is home to the beautiful acacia trees. It is the region with the fewest inhabitants and is used especially as farmland for cattle breeding. In summer, temperatures in this area often reach 39 degrees, and it can experience night frosts in winter. Exciting game species can be found in Omaheke such as kudu, springbok, warthog, eland and oryx.

From the Atlantic to the Kalahari

Hunting area Hardap

Hardap is located south of the Khomas region, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean to the west and Botswana to the east. The region stretches horizontally through the country, which also makes this region incredibly diverse in terms of landscape.


The landscape changes more and more towards the east of the Hardap region. It becomes drier until the red, beautiful Kalahari begins east of the country. In summer it can get up to 36 degrees and cool down to 6 degrees at night. Especially the east of the country, the Kalahari, is exciting from a hunting and scenic point of view. Springbok, mountain zebra, oryx and ostrich are found in this region.


Hunting area Karas

Quiver trees and endless expanses in the south of Namibia

The Karas region is located in the south of Namibia. The region is known for its rugged mountains and vast deserts. The area is home to a variety of desert adapted game species, such as oryx and springbok. The hot and dry climate makes it a challenge for hunters. The Karas region is also home to the largest desert in the world, the Namib Desert. The region is hot and dry, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius in the summer. Winters are cold and temperatures often drop below zero.

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