Blue Wildebeest hunting in Namibia

Blue Wildebeest/Gnu hunt in Africa

Blue Wildebeest hunting in Namibia

A mature trophy is considered to be a bull Blue Wildebeest “past its prime”.


Minimum caliber:

.270 (or equivalent in mm) / 2700 joules


Did you know?

Cattle and wildebeest are not allowed to share the same farmland. The only exception to all other game species is that this combination must be separated by a double game fence to prevent disease. They can however be found in conservancies, where they can roam freely.

Indigenous to Namibia

Historical habitat range in northern and eastern areas of the country

Discover all unfenced farms with good population
Indigenous & unfenced

Discover all hunting farms with a high free-range population of Blue Wildebeest

Region Khomas

Khomas hunting farm #6

✓ perfect for a maximum of two hunters incl. accompanying persons or families
✓ special combination possibility of hunting on the farm area AND exclusive concession areas
✓ accommodation in apartments or fully equipped safari tents

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the eco hunter jagdfarm klein erongo sonnenuntergang damm schoener ausblick berge
Region Erongo

Erongo hunting farm #4

✓ perfect for small groups & families
✓ outstanding cuisine made from ingredients harvested on site
✓ comfortable farmhouse style with pool
✓ great biodiversity in open savannah areas and rugged mountains

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