Waterbuck hunting in Namibia

Waterbuck hunt in Africa

Waterbuck hunting in Namibia

A mature trophy is considered to be a male waterbuck “past its prime”.


Minimum caliber:

.270 (or equivalent in mm) / 2700 joules


Did you know?

The hair of the waterbuck is very coarse and hollow on the inside. Despite the name “waterbuck”, waterbucks do not like to be in the water, but usually near rivers and lakes, because they are very dependent on water. They only go into the water when they are attacked by predators.

Indigenous to Namibia

Historical habitat range only in the Caprivi Strip (Zambezi Region)

Heimisch & uneingezäunt

Wasserbock Antilopen Jagd: Auf diesen Farmen gibt es eine hohe Population

the eco hunter jagdfarm klein erongo sonnenuntergang damm schoener ausblick berge
Region Erongo
Jagdfarm Erongo #4

1:1 Jagdführung ab 295 €/ Tag
2:1 Jagdführung ab 270 €/ Tag

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